1. Elixir
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Elixir is a magical healing potion offered to the world, to people and all cultures to alleviate bickering over disputes over boundaries and creative rights. Music is a natural element available to all who wish open themselves up to it. There can be no boundaries placed on music!


Elixir ~ Jose Conde
aqui hay pelea
de terminologia
cada pueblo tiene ejercito
y espia
buscando el oro
del derecho creador
cuando el uso es libre
para todo el exterior
la musica esta en el aire
y es pa todo el que la inspira
haci que escucha mi lira
y entra e el vacilon
con la salsa
y con el son

Llamale lo que le llames
dile lo que tu quieras
es un elixir
y es de primera

es una medicina
para todo el que la quiera
no importa de que color
este pintada tu bandera

La musicita buena
Esta en el aire
Pa ti y pa mi
Cogele el estribillo
Y no te quede afuera

Algo rico de verdad
Curamiento natural
Sabroso como fruta buena
Y no tiene fronteras

En Nueva York Tocando
Tocando el dulce son
Oye la Ola fresca a ti mama
Te trae tremendo rumbon oye

“Es de Primera”
Sabrosito pa ti
Rumbita o son
Salsa o changui
Lo que tu quieras
Oye mira para ti mamita linda yo se que tu eres ay ay tremenda rumbera….
Y no te quedes afuera
Goza con la ola
Que es de primera pa ti
Y De primera pa mi….

ELIXER - Jose Conde
there is a fight here
over terminology
each culture has an army and spies
seeking the gold of creative rights
when usage is free for the world at large
Music is in the air
And its for all who breathe it in
So listen to my lyric and enter into the fiesta
With salsa and with son

Call it what you want to call it
Say of it what you will say
Its an elixer
And it is oh so good

It’s a great medicine
For anyone who wants it
Doesn’t matter what colors
Your flags are painted with

Beautiful music
Is in the air
For you and me
Catch it’s swing
And don’t miss out

Something delicious for real
A natural cure all
Tasty like good ripe hanging fruit
And it has no boundaries

In New York Playing
Playing the sweet son (Cubano)
Ola Fresca brings you baby
A great fiesta

“It’s A #1”
Tasty for you
Rumba and son (Cubano)
Salsa or Changui
Call it
What you want
It’s for you pretty baby
Because I know you are
A serious rumbera
So don’t stay out
Enjoy with la OLA
Cause it is A#1 for you
A#1 for me
Call it…..