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  1. Convivencia
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A song for coexistence … between man and nature, amongst singers, dancers, drunks, and between people of different sexual persuasions and political ideology. This is a positive anti war, anti battle song. The song grew out of impromptu soneos by Pablo Moya which I later took as an idea that I structured and reworked and expanded variated and turned into a full song.



Cantando y dejando cantar
Intonando y dejando intonar
Expresando y dejando expresar

Tocando y dejando tocar
Rumbiando y dejando rumbear
Inventando y dejando inventar

Bailando y dejando Bailar
Meneando y dejando menear
Dibujando y dejando dibujar

Amando y dejando Amar
Abrazando y dejando abrazar
Besando y dejando Besar

Hablando y dejando hablar
Pensando y dejando pensar
Opinando y dejando opinar

Tomando y dejando tomar
Fumando y dejando fumar
Pecando y dejando pecar

Porque hay que convivir
junto a todo existir
en un mundo de tantas cabezas
intereses y fuerzas opuestas
el hombre y la naturaleza
Si no aprendemos a respetar
En vez de tirar balas hablar
El final vamos acelerar
Si no tenemos conciencia

Boten la artileria
Basta ya la guaperia
El prejuicio y la descriminazion
la violencia es la perdicion
de todo hombre y nacion
siembren semillas pa que brille un bosque de
flores de multi colores


Singing and allowing singing
Intoning and allowing intoning
Expressing and allowing expression

Playing and allowing playing
Rumbiando and allowing rumba
Inventing and allowing invention

Dancing and allowing dancing
Wiggling and allowing wiggling
Drawing(as with body) and allowing drawing

Loving and allowing loving
Hugging and allowing hugging
Kissing and allowing kissing

Talking and allowing talking
Thinking and allowing thinking
Opinionating and allowing opinions

Drinking and allowing drinking
Smoking and allowing smoking
Sinning and allowing sinning

CORO: Coexistance

Cause we have to Coexist
Here with everything exist
In a world of so many heads
Interests, and opposing forces,
man, and nature
if we do not learn to respect
instead of throwing bullets
to talk
the end we will accelerate
if we do not act with conscience
Throw away the artilery
Stop the bullying
Prejudgement and discrimination
Violence is the perdition
Of every man and every nation
Plant seeds of love
So a forest of multi colored flowers will bloom

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